why foster with us?

support and rewards

finance and allowances

As a foster carer with the Foster Wales Anglesey team, you’ll receive generous financial allowances. These allowances are based on factors such as the type of fostering you undertake, the number of children you foster, and the length of time you foster for.

In Anglesey, there are foster carers who receive between £13,294 and £23,443 per child, per year.

other rewards

Being a foster carer in Anglesey comes with a wealth of rewards. Not only will you receive dedicated support and financial allowances, you’ll also get:

  • 50% discount on your council tax
  • Free parking in all Local Authority car parks
  • Free leisure centre membership with Môn Actif
  • Additional payments such as holiday and birthday allowances
  • Access to special discounts for Anglesey foster families

the foster wales national commitment

And it doesn’t end there! All 22 Local Authorities in Wales have signed up to what we call the National Commitment, an agreed package of training, support and rewards for all our foster carers to enjoy. As a Foster Wales foster carer, you’ll benefit from:

Teulu yn chwarae ar y traeth / Family play on the beach

one team

Our team includes all the dedicated professionals involved in a foster child’s life – from social workers to teachers and healthcare professionals, plus our important foster carers of course. Working together is what we do every day, because we’re all part of the Local Authority. This focus on connection helps ensure that the children in our care, along with their foster families, have the best possible futures. As a foster carer, you’ll be a valued and respected member of the team.

By becoming a part of the Foster Wales team, you’ll be uniting with those who have responsibility for every child in care across Wales, and you’ll be helping us on our mission to keep children in their local area.

learning and development

Our shared, considered, and proven support package is a reward in place for all Foster Wales members. Learning and growth are key parts of what we offer.

We provide the professional training and preparation you need to develop into a confident and capable foster carer and meet the needs of children in your care.

As a Foster Wales foster carer, you’ll be given an individual personal learning record and development plan to document the progress you’re making, as well as future plans.

Gweithiwr Cymdeithasol, Gofalwr Maeth a pherson ifanc / Social Worker, Foster Carer and young person


With Foster Wales, you can always count on someone to support and encourage you at every point in your journey. We’re available around the clock.

You’ll have an experienced, professional social worker on hand to support you, your family and your whole network.

You’ll also have access to a range of support groups, where you’ll become acquainted with other foster carers. This will give you the chance to talk, listen and share your stories. Peer support is available with every local Foster Wales team and can make a world of difference.

Professional support is available too. We’re dedicated to working together with our foster carers, which means we’re always here for you. No matter what time it is.

You’ll find new communities here, new friends and a world of support.

Gofalwr maeth a dau o blant ifanc wrth y drws / Foster Carer and two young children outside home.

fostering community

Staying connected is something we’re passionate about. The fostering community will bring you closer to other foster families through events and activities. As a Foster Wales Anglesey carer you’ll be invited to join the Anglesey Foster Care Association (AFCA), run by our amazing foster families. You’ll form new friendships, gain new experiences and make new memories.

You’ll also have access to information and advice online, so you’ll never feel on your own.

When you join Foster Wales, your membership to The Fostering Network (TFN) and the Association for Fostering and Adoption (AFA) Cymru is paid for by us, so you can gain access to independent support, private advice, guidance and additional rewards whenever you need it.

Timau Maethu Cymru tu allan i Senedd Cymru / Foster Wales teams outside the Senedd

shaping the future

Every child has a past, but our focus is on changing the future. Creating a safe, happy place for a child.

You’ll be heard across the nation and your views will influence how we move forward. There will be opportunities for you to consult and influence the future of fostering in Wales. To shape the future on a regional and national level, too.

Teulu ar y traeth / Family on a beach

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